• Mitali Dandekar Lall was invited as a faculty for the XVI Annual Conference on EBM of Cancers in India 23-25 February 2018. She was a panelist on Management of Salivary Gland Cancers.


  • Abhineet Lall attended the XVI Annual Conference on EBM of Cancers of the Paranasal sinuses and skull base. He updated his skills and knowledge on the endoscopic management of such tumours with latest techniques


  • Mitali Dandekar Lall and Dr. Abhineet Lall conducted the 2nd Regional FHNO conference; Oral Cancer Update 27-28th January 2018 at Hotel Maurya, Patna. It was a multidisciplinary conference with lectures, panel discussions, surgical video demonstrations and quiz. There were faculty comprisingof stalwarts in the field from the prestigious Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai and Delhi as well as neighbouring countries like Bangladesh. There were regional faculty from all major teaching hospitals as well as senior consultants from Bihar, Jharkhand and Benarus. Doctors from various subspecialties like ENT, general surgery, dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, radiation and medical oncology attended amounting to 120 delegates.


  • Abhineet Lall was invited as a faculty for the ENT conference of Association of Otolaryngologists of India Bihar and Jharkhand Chapter on 16-17th December 2017 in Ranchi. Dr. Lall was a panelist on the “ Otology’ session discussing on various aspects of surgery for hearing and ear surgery.


  • Mitali Dandekar- Lall was invited as a faculty in the Maharashtra State ENT conference 2017 in Mumbai. Dr. Dandekar was a panelist on the session of Management of thyroid nodule: benign to malignant as well as surgery for thyroid cancer.


  • Abhineet Lall was invited as a tutor to the Advanced Otology Course at the Peking University Medical College, Beijing in November 2017. Dr. Lall is one among the various international tutors training delegates from China and neighbouring countries nuances of temporal bone dissection and ear surgey.


  • Mitali Dandekar Lall was an invited faculty at the Annual Foundation of Head Neck Oncology ( FHNO) conference in Mumbai in September 2017. Dr. Dandekar delivered a talk on Surgical margins in Oral cancers: What is the evidence?. She was also a panelist on Management of Salivary gland cancers


  • Abhineet Lall was an invited tutor to the Fisch International Microsurgery Workshop in Zurich , Switzerland in July 2017. This is a prestigious cadaveric dissection workshop which delves on ear surgery, surgery for hearing and Dr. Lall is one among stalwarts in the field with delegates from Europe, Africa as well as Asia.


  • Mitali Dandekar Lall attended the advanced hands on lateral skull base course organised by the Fisch International Microearsurgery foundation in July 2017in Zurich, Switzerland.


  • Mitali Dandekar Lall was invited as a faculty by the Kenya ENT society and African Head Neck Society Annual Conference in May 2017. She delivered a talk on voice rehabilitation after total laryngectomy ( voice surgery) and appropriate endpoints in clinical trials in oncology. Besides she was also a panelist on management of oral cancers.


  • Mitali Dandekar Lall presented a paper at the St. Xavier’s college of Management and Technology, Patna on 8th April 2017. Presented paper on Quality of Life Assessment in Oral Cancer patients. Through her presentation she tried to dispel myths related to treatment of oral cancers which prevents patients from presenting early for medical attention. A patients perspective was given of treatment for oral cancers and a clear message was driven that the quality of life is acceptable infact better compared to that when patient is suffereing from the disease.


– Dr. Mitali Dandekar –Lall was inviteds as a faculty as a panelist by the Society of Otolaryngologists & Head Neck Surgeons of Bangladesh. She was a panelist on management of the N0 neck in head neck cancers at the 10th SAARC ENT Congress, Dhaka, Bangladesh on 27.11.16 alongside other stalwarts in the field from the SAARC countries.


– Dr. Mitali Dandekar – Lall was invited as a faculty by the UAE Cancer Congress, Dubai in October 2016.Dr. Mitali Dandekar –Lall demonstrated a surgical video on Buccal mucosa composite resection ( a surgery for extirpation of mouth cancer).  Cancer of the buccal mucosa ( a part of the gingivobuccal complex) is a common cancer in the Indian subcontinent due to the rampant habit of chewing tobacco and arecanut ( supari).

The surigcal technique was much appreciated by the delegates comprising of ENT surgeons, general surgeons and surgical oncologists from the UAE.


– Dr. Mitali Dandekar – Lall was awarded by the IFHNOS, FHNO, New Delhi in October 2016 for successfully conducting a conference “ Thyroid  Cancer Update 2016” at Patna in association with the the FHNO.


– Dr. Mitali Dandekar- Lall and Dr. Abhineet Lall conducted a Thyroid Cancer Update in association with the Paras Cancer Centre and Foundation for Head Neck Oncology in Patna on October 1-2nd 2016.  This update delved into various aspects of thyroid cancer surgery and management of thyroid cancers comprehensively. Invited faculty included Dr. Devendra Chaukar, Head of Department of Head Neck surgical oncology, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai and Dr. Sandip Basu, Nuclear Medicine Specialist, Radiation Medicine Center and BARC, Mumbai. Delegates included ENT, General surgeons and oncologists from teaching institutes as well cancer centers from Bihar, Jharkhand and Eastern UP.


– Dr. Mitali Dandekar- Lall and Dr. Abhineet Lall were at a cancer screening camp in Parasnath, Jharkhand in association with the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA).Parasnath is one of the holiest destinations for the Jain community. Dr. Mitali Dandekar- Lall and Dr. Abhineet Lall offered their services in organising a cancer screening camp in association with the CPAA. More than 450 subjects benefited with screening and tobacco awareness.


– Dr. Abhineet Lall was invited as a tutor with Prof. Fisch and Prof. Linder alongwith other international faculty at the  renowned ‘Zurich Advanced Otolgy ‘ Course 2016. Dr. Abhineet Lall has been a Fisch fellow ,trained under Prof Thomas Linder and is now tutor for the courses organized by the Fisch International Microsurgery Foundation .

Prof Ugo Fisch has been pioneer in Otology and Lateral Skull base surgery , and the aims of the foundation is to take these principles of ear surgery and surgery for hearing forward.


  • Abhineet Lall was invited as a tutor at the Peking Union Medical College and Hospital ( PUMC), Beijing, China 2016 for the Fisch Otology Course. Dr. Abhineet Lall is an invited faculty for the Advanced Temporal Bone Course teaching delegates from all over Asia the nuances of middle ear surgery and implantation otology.


– Dr. Mitali Dandekar was part of a large randomized controlled trial regarding management of the neck nodes in oral cancers. This study and its findings were published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. Additionally, the study was presented as a prized paper in the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2015 among lakhs of other papers.