Surgery for Hearing

Mastoidectomy is a type of ear surgery performed to extirpate ear infection or cholesteatoma. This is a condition called the “ unsafe” ear because if left unattended, it can progress to pus formation in adjacent areas like the brain and neck. Occasionally, this becomes life threatening.

The main objective of mastoidectomy is:

Complete removal of the infection by a meticulous ear surgery of the middle ear as well as the mastoid bone to prevent complications and recurrence ( recidivism).

It maybe combined with surgery for hearing restoration depending on the severity of the infection; else surgery for hearing restoration is deferred as a second procedure.

The most troublesome sequalae of this surgery is a persistant discharging ear. Dr. Abhineet Lall adopts advanced techniques derived from honing his skills in centres of excellence such that his patients have a dry ear.