Myringotomy with Grommet Insertion

Surgery for Hearing

The middle ear space undergoes pressure equalisation with the help of the eustachian tube ( ventilation tube). Many a times due to cold, infection etc. the eustachian tube is blocked. In children the eustachian tube is patulous and hence they are more prone to its blockage. This results into problems in the ear causing retraction of the drum, secretions to accumulate in the middle ear and hearing problems apart from earache and discomfort.

Myringotomy is a ear surgery by which a controlled, small performation is made in the ear drum at the appropriate location to aid the ear secretions to drain out. If the problem is of a chronic nature, then a ventilation tube ( grommet) is inserted which helps in pressure equalisation. This surgery for hearing prevents long term complications of a retracted eardrum like cholesteatoma formation.