Surgery for Hearing

Tympanoplasty is a type of ear surgery performed to repair the ear drum. The ear drum perforates when it is subjected to recurrent ear infection. This can  further damage the ossicles ( small bones which conduct hearing).  In this scenario tympanoplasty is combined with a surgery for hearing restoration called ossiculoplasty.

Occasionally, the ear drum and hearing appartus can be damaged due to physical trauma or due to very loud sound.

The main objectives of tympanoplasy are:

  1. Restoration of hearing by fine, meticulous surgery for hearing
  2. Prevent recurrent ear discharge by robust ear surgery to repair the ear drum

Dr. Abhineet Lall uses techniques adopted from training in the best centres of  the country and globally. The key is to modify techniques of ear surgery to suit individual patients thus bringing out the best results. Our clinic takes pride in the fact that our outcomes of ear surgery are comparable to the best in the world.