Endoscopic CSF Repair

Cerebrospinal fluid ( CSF) is present in the brain which is protected by the skull bones. Occasionally, due to bone thinning, infection, birth defects or trauma the bony protection is lost and the fluid leaks through the nose ( since the nose is just below the brain). This causes watery fluid to flow from the nose. This may at times result into threatening meningitis. This condition is corrected by surgery. Traditionally, this surgery was performed by opening the skull and repairing it causing significant post operative complications. Now, the same surgery can be performed by a minimal approach through the sinus ( sinus surgery).

Dr. Abhineet Lall with his robust training at the premier Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital followed  by  Fellowship for endoscopic surgery at Centres of excellence in the country and abroad ( Germany ) ensures he gives the best to his patients. The doctors work as a team with a neurosurgeon to ensure comprehensive care for the patients.