Cancers of the sinus is relatively rare. Management of these cancers requires complete surgical removal with appropriate reconstruction followed by adjuvant radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy according to the pathological staging of the disease.Since surgery over the sinus can be potentially mutilating, there has been an advent in endoscopic approaches. The team in the clinic is a fine combination of a head neck surgical oncologist as well as a minimally invasive surgeon proficient in endoscopic apporaches for sinus surgery trained with stalwarts in the field of advanced endoscopic approaches of tumour extirpation. Additionally, such complex surgeries are performed with a neurosurgeon when the tumours involve the skull base. Since cancer treatment is a team based approach, these doctors avail the services of experienced plastic surgeon, pathologist, medical and radiation oncologist.


Dr. Abhineet Lall has a publication related to sinus surgery on unilateral maxillary ( sinus) swelling which can be accessed by the following link:


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