Temporal Bone Resection

Surgery for Hearing

Ear cancer is a rare cancer affecting the ear canal as well as the bones of the ear ( ie temporal bone surgery). Surgical extirpation is the treatment of choice followed by appropriate reconstruction. Following this, either adjuvant radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy  is resorted to depending upon pathological staging.

The team of doctors in the clinic are trained and experienced in performing such complex skull base surgeries. The unique combination of a head neck surgical oncologist and a neuro otologist and skull base surgeon enable this team to give the best to their patients in terms of  ear surgery with oncological safety as well as functional outcomes with surgery for hearing as deemed suitable.  Since cancer treatment is a team based approach, these doctors avail the services of experienced plastic surgeon, pathologist, medical and radiation oncologist.

Cancer of the ear

Surgery for Hearing

This is a rare disease, generally presenting after 40 years of age. Symptoms typically involve persistant blood tinged ear discharge, deafness and/ or deviation of the face. There could be associated swelling in or around the ear ( infront, below or behind). Diagnosis is confirmed with appropriate tests in the form of a biopsy and imaging.
Surgery encompasses a lateral, subtotal or total temporal bone resection whereby the tumour is excised with adequate margins with/ without a parotidectomy with/ without reconstruction.Decision for further treatment of radiotherapy/ chemoradiotherapy is made based on final histopathology.