Surgery for Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer Surgery : Cancer involving the thyroid gland is more commonly encountered in women than men. Thyroid Cancers are predominantly indolent with good long term survival.  However, there are vital structures close to the thyroid gland like the parathyroid glands which control the calcium metabolism in the body as well as the nerve which controls the voice box. Thus thyroid cancer surgery requires experience and high volumes such that patients do not suffer from lifelong sequalae of inadequate and inappropriate management. The team in the clinic with over 20 years of cumulative experience and a volume of approximately 30 thyroid surgeries / year of thyroid surgeries have a complication rate of less than 5% matching centres of excellence.

As with other cancers, thyroid cancer treatment is truly multidisciplinary. The surgeons work in tandem with a nuclear medicine specialist and an endocrinologist to give the best possible care to their patients.


Dr. Mitali Dandekar Lall has publications on thyroid cancer surgery which can be accessed by the following links:


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