Surgery for voice box ( Larynx and hypopharynx) Cancer

Voice Surgery: Cancer involving the voice box and the adjacent pharynx ( gullet/throat) is predominantly seen in people consuming tobacco ( either chewed or smoked) and /or alcohol.  When the cancer is in the early stage ( Stage I/II), either surgery or radiotherapy is the treatment each with its pros and cons. Cancer surgery on the voice box involves performing a voice surgery to ensure minimal affection of the voice quality but at the same time ensure complete removal of the cancer. When the cancer involves the framework of the voice box,  complete removal of the voice box is the mainstay of treatment. Voice rehabilitation is done by using prosthetic voice. The team in the clinic is a fine combination of a head neck surgical oncologist as well as a minimally invasive surgeon proficient in voice surgery trained with stalwarts in the field.

Since cancer treatment is a team based approach, these doctors avail the services of experienced plastic surgeon, pathologist, medical and radiation oncologist.


Dr. Mitali Dandekar Lall has a publication related to cancer of the voice box which are not treated by voice surgery . It can be accessed by the following link:


Dandekar M, D’Cruz A. Organ preservation strategies: Review of literature and their applicability in developing nations. South Asian J Cancer 2014; 3(3):147-150.

Microlaryngeal Surgery

The voice box is formed by a complex assembly of very fine structures,the composite synchronisation of which produces flawless voice. Any type of voice surgery therefore shoud aim at restoring this synchronisation of the elements required for voicing. The vocal cords are subjected to relentless trauma by voice abuse or addictions like smoking.